IIFA 2011- Bollywood on Green carpet

There was a lot of charm and ecstasy at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards this year, despite the fact that a few biggies gave the event a miss.
Shahrukh Khan

It had been an amazing moment for the audiences to witness glamorous stars not only from Bollywood, but also from Hollywood, walking the green carpet at Roger centre in Toronto where the IIFA awards took place this year.

Hollywood stars like Hilary Swank and Cuba Gooding Jr. enjoyed being present at the IIFA awards, where they showered their love for India cinema.
Apart from these two celebs, who graced the event, there was also the Canadian actor Tom Green and Australian cricketer Brett Lee.

Hilary, who charmed audiences by greeting everyone with a Namaste, was indeed quite ecstatic to be part of the IIFA awards as she said that she loves Indian cinema and wanted to be part of this event.
“I think Indian cinema and Hollywood will bring people together. Bollywood has been bringing two worlds together. It’s a great thing. I believe in the motto of one world, one people. India has always held a very special place in my heart,” stated Swank.

The actress, who took everyone by surprise by her presence at the awards, further added that she felt that Bollywood films are fun and passion filled.
Hilary charmed SRK with her Namaste

Jermine Jackson and Sonu Nigam share the Stage for MJ.

Diya Mirza and Jemaine Jackson.