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Here’s the thing. When it comes to a Salman Khan or a Rajnikant film, their performance is not important. It’s the audience performance that counts. And the audience delivers every time. Salman Rock the Bollywood See more Hot HD WEallpaper

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With applause and excitement. It doesn’t matter how Ready is critiqued, dissected, trashed or praised in the hallowed portals of India’s review and critic world, the verdict is already out. Salman’s in his own private Toyland and you are all invited to play. So he pees into a haystack just before the interval, urges kids to piss on the bad guys and not on him, manages to rescue the damsel who is hanging from a tree and produces a number of gems in the manner of dialogue that are really too ludicrous to be recalled. Also because you are chuckling uncontrollably.

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Ready is a remake of a Telugu film by the same name starring Ram and Genelia. It was a runaway hit. Having seen the original and understanding why the movie was an obvious hit, one does not doubt the fate of Ready at the box office. This is Salman Khan Festival all the way. This movie is a lesson in randomness. Everything about it is constructively arbit and random. And yet even those who consider their movie intelligence to be superior than those of mere mortals will end up chortling at those totally absurd and inane jokes. The story?

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he bare threads of one try and smuggle themselves in between Salman’s shenanigans Well boy meets girl, but it’s not the right girl. Girl is running away from her wedding to a loser of a bad guy. Boy rescues her and even manages to get the baddies (they all suffer from a bad hair life) to play out their own version of Hum Saath Saath Hain and get hair cuts. And all’s well that laughs well.

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Salman Khan’s nonchalant cockiness and absolute irreverance has to be marveled at. His comic timing is effortless and impeccable. He mouths the most absurd dialogue with such playful earnestness you have no choice but to chuckle. You want an encore of Dhinkachika and Character dheela hai.

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And you will cringe and guffaw alternatively at his nonsensical parodies of songs, many of them his own. Of course, he obliges us by taking off his shirt. This guy will pull off anything and we will accept it. He will get away with anything. And evidently so has Anees Bazmee. Compared to his earlier works, this one’s practically a classic. Asin his leading lady manages to hold her on in the middle of this Salman festival and hats off to her for that.

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No matter what anyone tells you, this is a movie you will watch. And you will laugh. And you will wait for Salman’s next blockbuster. And if anyone can show you how it’s done, this particular brand of cinema that we so abundantly celebrate, it’s Salman. You happy, box office happy, everyone happy. That’s that then.

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